PD&E Study Has Been Completed

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 5 has completed a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study for improvements to State Road 45 (US 41) from 111th Place Lane to approximately S.W. 61st Street in Marion County, Florida.

Design Has Begun.

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What is a PD&E study?
A PD&E Study is the formal process FDOT uses to ensure consideration is given to engineering design, project costs, environmental and social impacts and public input in the development of major transportation projects. The basic steps of a PD&E Study include data collection, development and analysis of the alternatives, development of project documents and final approval. Public involvement is a very important part of the PD&E process and there were several formal opportunities during this study for the public to provide input on the project.

What is the next phase?
The next project phase is Final Design. The Final Design continues with the design development of the preferred alternative, secure permits from regulatory agencies, coordinate with any utilities that may be affected, identify the right-of-way that is necessary for implementation of the project, and provide a complete set of drawings and specifications for the construction of the project.